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AEI Tag Programming Equipment

AP4118 Tag Programmer

The AP4118 AEI Tag programmer is designed to encode data into the AT5118 and AT5133 Transportation Tags.  It cannot be used to encode data into the AT5110, AT5125, AT5510, AT5541 or AT5545 tags.  These tags are encoded with the AP4110 AEI Tag Programmer.

The AP4118 AEI Tag Programmer also requires the AP5780 Permission Tag to encode tags.  Permission tags will only be sold to organizations that have been approved by the Association of American Railroads.


The AP4118 must be connected to a PC to program tags.  The connection to the PC is through one of the computer's communication ports using an RS-232 serial interface.  The interface cable and various DB-9 to DB-25 convertors are included with the programmer.


We do not inventory the AP4118 Tag programmer.  Lead time is 6 to 8 weeks.

AP5780 Permission Tag

The AP5780 Permssion Tag allows the AP4118 Tag Programmer to program tag for two years.  Every two years a new AP5780 Permision Tag must be purchased.


We cannot inventory the AP5780 Permission Tags.  Lead time is 2 to 3 weeks.


When ordering a new Permission tag for an existing AP4118 Tag Programmer, you must provide the serial number and certification number (CN) from the back of the AP4118 Programmer.


Tel. 724 942-1473 Ext 9


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