AEI Yard System

Softrail offers four products to help track rail vehicle movements into, out of, and within a rail yard.  These products can operate independently from each other or can be combined to create a system.  The four products are: a wayside reader, a vehicle-mounted reader, a portable reader and a yard tracking software program.

The Spartan AEI Reader System was designed to be a low cost alternative to the much higher priced AEI reader systems used on railroads’ mainlines.  It was developed for industrial rail shippers and short line railroads looking for economical ways to automatically identify rail cars on low speed tracks (less than 40 miles per hour) or as they enter their yards.


The Spartan AEI Reader consists of only an AEI RF reader with two antennas, a cellular modem and a presence detector.  All processing of data is performed by a central AEI Reader Server which rcreates a train consist and distributes this data to multiple FTP servers and email addresses in various file formats including the Association of American Railroads S-9203 (T94).

With the solar option the Spartan AEI Reader System can be completely wireless.

The AI4100-FV and the AI4500-FV Portable AEI Readers are used primarily to collect track inventory.  They can send track consist information directly over a network as a file attached to an email, a file sent to an FTP server, and as a data stream sent to Softrail's AEI Rail and Road Manager program.  Files can be ether in the T94 (S-9203A) or comma delimited text format.  The AI4100-FV and AI4500-FV Portable AEI Readers can communicate with a user's network over 802.11b wireless LAN and a direct USB cable connection to a computer running the Windows operating system.  The AI4500-FV can also send data over a cellular system.



AEI Rail and Road Manager is a program that graphically shows the locations of rail vehicles on a map of a yard. The user can draw the yard map using this program.

The AEI Rail and Road Manager program interfaces over a network to both the AI3000 Network AEI Reader and the AI4100 Portable AEI Reader.  It will automatically move rail vehicles to the appropriate tracks based on information received from these two types of readers. Users can also manually drag and drop rail vehicles from one track to another.

The AI5000 Vehicle AEI Reader was designed to read railcar AEI tags from a vehicle.  The vehicle can either drive beside a track reading AEI tags on parked railcars or be parked next to a track and read tags on a passing train.


The advantage of a vehicle mounted AEI reader is that it has a much farther read range than a portable or handheld reader. 


The AI5000 was designed to be easily installed on a vehicle and can interface to any mobile computer, SmartPhone, tablet or other device that can accommodate a serial Bluetooth connectionOur AI4100-FV Portable AEI Reader is designed to receive AEI tag data from this reader.


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