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Spartan AEI Reader System
plus annual processing service and cellular fees

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The Spartan AEI Reader System was designed to be a low cost alternative to the much higher priced AEI reader systems used on railroads’ mainlines.  It was developed for industrial rail shippers and short line railroads looking for an economical mean to automatically identify rail cars on low speed tracks (less than 40 miles per hour) or at a yard entrance.


The Spartan AEI Reader System greatly reduces the amount of equipment needed in the field, thereby decreasing overall costs and making it easier to install and maintain.  Further saving can be achieved if co-located with a railroad crossing warning system.


The Spartan AEI Reader consists of a Sargas AEI RF reader with two antennas, a cellular modem and a presence detector.  All processing of data is performed by a central AEI Reader Server located in Softrail’s office, which retrieves the raw AEI tag and sensor data, creates a train consist and distributes this data to multiple FTP servers and email addresses in various file formats including the Association of American Railroads S-9203 (T94).

With the solar option the Spartan AEI Reader System can be completely wireless.

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