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AI3100 Portable AEI Tag Reader

A Limited Number of Units Are Available

Call for Pricing and Availability

The AI3100 portable reader will read railroad AT5110, AT5118, AT5125, AT5133, AT5510, AT5541 and AT5549 transportation tags.  It has a read range of 7 to 8 feet.

The AI3100 is an extremely versatile AEI tag reader.  It was designed for capturing track or train railcar inventory by reading the AEI tags on the rail vehicles.  

Because the AI3100 has wireless network capabilities (both 802.11b and Bluetooth), AEI tag data can be easily sent directly to other computer systems.  AEI data is sent in a comma delimited text file or a file containing the T94 (S-9203A) records. Either of these file types can be attached to an email or uploaded to an FTP server.  The AI3100 Portable AEI Tag Reader can send AEI data files directly to as many as seven email addresses in addition to four FTP servers.


Tel. 724 942-1473 Ext 9


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