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AI4100-FV Portable AEI Tag Reader
Full Version
  Limited Number Available

The AI4100-FV Portable AEI Tag Reader is a single-piece unit that weighs 13 ounces and easily fits in the palm of your hand.


The AI4100-FV portable reader will read railroad AT5110, AT5118, AT5125, AT5133, AT5510, AT5541 and AT5549 transportation tags.  It has a read range of 3 to 4 feet.

The AI4100-FV is an extremely versatile AEI tag reader.  It was designed for capturing track or train railcar inventory by reading the AEI tags on the rail vehicles.  With its built-in barcode reader, it can also capture serial numbers from barcoded items such as seals, products and parts.


Because the AI4100-FV has wireless network capabilities (both 802.11b and Bluetooth), AEI tag data can be easily sent directly to other computer systems.  AEI data is sent in a comma delimited text file or a file containing the T94 (S-9203A) records. Either of these file types can be attached to an email or uploaded to an FTP server.  The AI4100-FV Portable AEI Tag Reader can send AEI data files directly to as many as seven email addresses in addition to four FTP servers.




Some of the other capabilities of the AI4100-FV Portable AEI Tag Reader with Softrail's AEI Tag Reading Software are listed below:

  • Displays AEI tag data in user-friendly format

  • Allows manual entry of vehicle identification information in the event an AEI tag cannot be read.

  • Allows vehicles to be assigned to a track or a spot on a track.

  • Allows the user to assign track and spot names.

  • Allows the scanning of two tracks at the same time.

  • Allows the use of special AEI tags that are programmed with track and spot information to eliminate the need to enter this information manually.

  • Allows additional data to be added about vehicles. There are twelve data fields available. The user can define and name seven of these fields. The other five fields are: two Maintenance Data fields, a Status field, a Consist field and a Comments field.

  • Allows the use of special barcode labels to enter maintenance and status information about a rail vehicle.

  • Allows for the easy development of custom applications.

  • Enables other vendors (OEMs) to develop special applications for the portable AEI reader.  These special applications can easily access tag and barcode data and send their generated data as files attached to emails or uploaded to an FTP server.

  • Allows for the easy access of data from other devices (scales, wayside sensors, etc.) via its Bluetooth connection and the association of this data with AEI tag reads.

  • The built-in barcode reader allows barcode data to be associated with tag reads.


The AI4100-FV Portable AEI Tag Reader is upward compatible with the AI3100, Encompass 1i and SmartScan Model 2400 portable readers and interfaces to Softrail's AEI Rail and Road Manager program. The user manual can be downloaded from below.  Softrail can customize the unit to meet individual customer requirements.  Please contact us for a quotation on customizing the unit.


The price includes:

  • An AI4100-FV Portable AEI Reader.

  • A docking station and battery charger.

  • A copy of Softrail's AI4100-FV AEI Tag Reading Software.

  • A copy of Softrail's AEI Rail and Road Manager Software (Limited Version).

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