Multiprotocol Rail RF Reader


TransCore's Multiprotocol Rail Reader 10-7032-002 (MPRR) is a fully integrated, self-contained 902- to 928-MHz wireless radio frequency identification (RFID) reader that is specifically designed for rail applications.  The MPRR is a replacement for TransCore’s AI1200 Reader/AR2200 RF Module systems.  The MPRR can read AAR format and SeGo protocol tags.

The MPRR is used to read railroad AT5110, AT5118, AT5125, AT5133, AT5510, AT5541 and AT5549 transportation tags.  It will also read AT5102, AT5105, AT5106, AT5107, AT5112, AT5114, AT5146 and AT5147 access control tags.  This unit contains an RF module, tag decoder, multiplexer and power supply in a single module.


The MPRR employs advanced multiplexing techniques that improve reader performance at higher train speeds when compared to legacy products.  In addition, the unique multiplexing mode provides the capability for one reader to manage up to four antennas, allowing a single reader to be used for two tracks.



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