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AI5000 Vehicle AEI Reader


The AI5000 Vehicle AEI Reader System was designed to read railcar AEI tags from a vehicle.  Tags can either be read on parked railcars as the vehicle is driven along a track or on moving railcars if the vehicle is parked beside the track.


The advantage of a vehicle-mounted AEI reader is that it has a much longer read range than a portable or handheld reader.  A typical portable reader has a working read range of approximately 4 to 5 feet, while a vehicle-mounted reader has a read range of about 10 feet.  This is because a vehicle mounted reader can draw more power from the vehicle’s electrical system than a portable reader can from its internal battery and it can also accommodate a much larger and heavier antenna.


The AI5000 was designed to be easily installed on a vehicle and can interface to any device that can accommodate a serial Bluetooth connection.


The AI5000 has three major components.  These are:

  • A Controller

  • A SmartPass AEI RF Reader

  • An Optional AEI RF Reader Mounting Bracket


A computer that has a serial Bluetooth interface is also necessary to receive and process the AEI data from the AI5000


The AI5000 was designed to allow AEI tag data to be received over the Bluetooth interface by any manufacturer's computing device and software.  The AI5000 will interface to SmartPhones, tablets, mobile computers or any other type of computing device.


The AI4100-FV Portable AEI Reader will receive and process AEI data from the AI5000 in addition to using its own internal RF reader.

AI5000  2 Inch Hitch Mounting Bracket



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