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AI3000S AEI Reader System

has been replaced by the

Spartan AEI Reader System

The AI3000S Network AEI Reader was designed to be a low cost wayside AEI reader that is highly reliable, simple to maintain, and easy to interface to various software applications.


The AI3000S Network AEI Reader can send rail vehicle movement information via emails directly to up to seven email recipients and/or to eight FTP servers.  Comma delimited text or T94 format files are attached to the emails and/or sent to an FTP servers.  These files allow other applications to easily obtain and automatically process the AEI movement data.


With the email capability, recipients do not need any special software to obtain AEI movement reports.  Anyone with email access will be able to obtain and view the movement data.


The AI3000S Network AEI Reader also interfaces to Softrail's AEI Rail and Road Manager program.  This Windows-based program graphically displays the positions of rail vehicles on a map of the yard.  The AI3000S Network AEI Reader is easy to install and maintain. The price for this reader un-installed is US$18,500.


The AI3000S Reader can be customized to meet individual user requirements.  Solar power, wireless LAN and cellular telephone communication options are also available at additional costs.


Tel. 724 942-1473 Ext 9


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