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AI3050S AEI Reader

The AI3050S AEI Reader System was developed to provide an easy solution for installing an AEI reader beside a track.  The AI3050S AEI Reader System  houses a Sargas AEI RF Reader in a weatherproof enclosure. 


This enclosure contains a 120 VAC to 12 VDC and a 120 VAC to 5 VDC power supplies.


The Sargas reader has a network interface and is capable of multiplexing between two antennas (one on each side of track).  It also has two digital inputs that can interface to wayside sensor such as presence detectors and switch position (turnout) monitors.


The AI3050S AEI Reader System reads railroad AT5110, AT5118, AT5125, AT5133, AT5510, AT5541 and AT5549 transportation tags.

Please note that this system only reports raw AEI tag reads and digital input status over a network connection.  It does not process this data into a train consist.  It is designed to gather and provide this data to another system for processing.

N Male to N Male

400 Series

Coaxial Cable

MTI MT-242044 Antenna with Mounting Kit


Tel. 724 942-1473 Ext 9


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