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Encompass 1i Handheld AEI Reader

We are replacing the Encompass 1i Handheld AEI Reader with the AI4100 Portable AEI Reader.

Because the AI4100's battery life, size and cost are enormous improvements over the existing readers we will no longer be selling the AI3100 and the Encompass 1i portable readers.


These units can still be repaired.


There are two versions of the Encompass 1i: the Encompass 1i Display Only and the Encompass 1i Full.

The Encompass 1i Display Only version will only display the data encoded in the AEI tag.  It is not able to store and upload AEI data to another computer system.

The Encompass 1i Full version is able to upload AEI tag and barcoded data to other computer systems.  It can be used to capture track inventory and record serial numbers on barcoded items.

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